Essential to the Success of US Importers

Three Reasons Why French Wine Consultants are Essential to the Success of US Importers

French wines are in high demand all over the world, the United States being no exception. In 2021, the US imported approximately 1.1 billion USD worth of French wine and demand continues to grow year upon year. As the industry develops, and importers look to diversify their portfolios with new producers, the importance of working with a local consultant is hugely significant. MC Wines is one such consultant, offering invaluable experience and knowledge of the French wine industry to importers. This article will cover the top three benefits of employing the services of wine consultants:

#1 – Having someone ‘on the ground’ to provide local expertise and knowledge of French wines and the industry.

Of course, all importers (that are worth their salt!) undertake detailed market research before selecting which wines to add to their portfolios, allowing them to make informed decisions which increase their revenues and customer bases. There is only so much that remote research can offer, however. To have a consultant on location provides a whole new level of knowledge to draw from. From identifying up-and-coming, new producers to those which have shown consistent success on the local market – French wine consultants have their finger ‘on the pulse’ of the industry and are able to pass all of this on to their international client importers. MC Wines has a large portfolio of partners and deep knowledge of the French market, allowing them to keep their clients informed and well-versed on local affairs.

#2 – Support in navigating the complex wine industry and national regulations.

The US is infamous for their miles of red-tape and mind-numbing regulations, which can cause unnecessary headaches for importers trying to complete the simple task of buying French wines but facing mountains of paperwork to examine and compile. One of the biggest advantages of working with a local wine consultant is that they are experts in navigating bureaucratic pitfalls and can streamline the whole process. MC Wines can ease the minds of importers with their up to date knowledge of market trends, new governmental regulations, logistics, labeling requirements and many more key features of the French wine industry. Providing a connection between the two parties in supporting and educating on them.

#3 – Act as middlemen between importers and producers, bridging the gap between cultures and languages.

Importers can often face challenges with cross-cultural communication issues, language barriers and differing business cultures when negotiating with local producers. The benefit of employing a local consultant is they ensure a smooth process, prevent any miscommunications and guarantee both sides are fully informed and a mutually beneficial agreement is reached between the parties. MC Wines acts as a cross between an export manager and agent, involved from beginning to end and maintaining transparency throughout the process for both the importer and local producer

In closing, whether you are already working with French producers, but looking to diversify or increase your wine portfolio, are a new importer breaking into the market or are already established but currently facing challenges with your French wine import procedures, MC Wines is a reliable and expert local consultant to support you and add value to your company. Contact MC Wines today to find out more!

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