My Philosophy?

Curiosity boosted me since I was a teenager


Curiosity, flexibility, tradition, innovation and sustainability: these are the quad principals that are part of the root of my company.

Curiosity boosted me since I was a teenager: a curiosity that became a passion throughout my life and that allowed me to discover wonderful wines and incredible people. "Walk through the door, see what's outside," my mother taught me. And it was a right, valuable teaching.

Flexibility: a quality of life that translates into business and thus into the ability to read the trends and market trends. Flexibility showed to be the most solid key to create a precise and versatile link between me/ the French wineries and the international market. How to think “American”, how to think “Chinese” – not only in the spoken language, but also in the way of approaching and doing business, and thus getting closer to each culture respectively.

Tradition and innovation are complementary. It is necessary to keep the basics solid - above all- as a sign of respect for land and for the essential. At the same time, it is important to contribute to a change that improves the performance of a company, that meets the market needs and requests, and that looks to a future that we all want to be eco-friendly. Thinking outside the wine-box..

Finally, sustainability. Business cannot and must not be just profit at the expense of Mother Earth. For that specific reason, every winery we partner with, works the land either organic/sustainable or biodynamic. I use my consolidated experience to introduce some emerging products of visionary winemakers to the world. Organic producers and wine growing estates using the principles of biodynamic or sustainable agriculture: that is “the raison d'être” of my agency.